Rontan Group

A leading company in several segments, Rontan has remarkable presence in:

Signal Products

Tradition and constant updating. Since 1970, Rontan has excelled as the biggest and most traditional supplier in this segment in South America.
With the most updated digital technology, the acoustic and lightbars line has several models with excellent design and performance, both vehicular or industrial.
New models are developed continuously, aiming at fulfilling the specific needs of each market.


Special Vehicles: a model for each need.
The work in the transformation of special vehicles results in the highest recognition of the Company. In the segments, Rontan excels due to the quality and diversity of models for the areas of Security, Salvage and Services at large, and due to the modern engineering in the research of solutions for customer needs.
The transformation is carried out in a differentiated scale in service vehicles, ambulances, fire fighters, surveillance, rescue units and modern mobile ICUs.

Fire Fighters

After an extensive investigation about the users needs, it designed and developed several products, including Rescue vehicles, Tank auto-pump, Auto-tank, Auto-ladders and platforms, bearing in mind the Brazilian and international markets reality, with the best cost-benefit relation.
All that is possible due to Rontan's technical tradition in special vehicles and also by virtue of the exclusive distribution partnership of the Oshkosh-Pierce companies in Brazil.


Complete solutions with versatility.
Rontan has been developing and commercializing, in partnership with Motorcyclerola, of which it is an authorized distributor for sales and services in Brazil, sophisticate Trunking-type communication solutions for data and voice transmission.
Rontan also displays diversification of products in this area, including, among others, automatic vehicles location (AVL).

Personal Safety

The personal safety concern is a constant at Rontan. Through researches about individual protection needs, the lines of ballistic vests, protected vehicles, semi-protected vehicles (shields) and totally armored vehicles in levels II, IIIA and III were developed, which serve both for security agencies and to companies and individuals exposed to risks.
These products are manufactured in special synthetic fibers and ballistic actions, being homologated by the Brazilian Army.

Rontan's Presence
For the commercialization of its products and to assist its customers, Rontan has a broad network of Regional Offices, Commercial Representatives, Technical Assistances and Dealers, not only in Brazil but in several countries in the Americas as well.