About Rontan

Rontan started its activities on August 11th, 1970, in Tatuapé neighborhood, in the city of São Paulo, through the pioneerism and vision of Mr. Orlando Bolzan and Mr. João Alberto Bolzan, who at that time glimpsed excellent business perspectives in the production of acoustic/visual signaling equipment for the industrial and automotive markets.


At the beginning...

In the seventies, in view of the need of expanding the factory, Rontan purchased its plot in Tatuí, about 135 km far from São Paulo, where signaling equipment started to be manufactured.


The evolution...

In mid 1989, Rontan developed a prototype of Opala vehicle for the Military Police of São Paulo, which constituted a landmark in its activities: the Special Vehicles division: 
The support for the artifacts development have already been optimized at that decade, through the installation of non-ferrous materials pressure Foundry, which would later become FBA – Fundição Brasileira de Alumínio.

Always concerned with the satisfaction of its customers, Rontan developed along time a network of Regional Offices, Commercial Representatives, authorized Technical Assistants and Dealers, in order to provide immediate service to market demands, not only in terms of consulting and guidance but in terms of product technical assistance and warranty as well.



In the nineties, Rontan became a Motorola authorized distributor of Bidirectional Radios and Trunked Systems, expanding even further its range of products and services.
As from 1998, with a constant Quality improvement concern, it sought technological improvement by qualifying its employees, machinery and work methods. Since then, it has conquered the ISO and TS Certifications, which attest the quality of its management systems.
In 1999, through a partnership with the biggest worldwide manufacturers of vehicles for fire fighters, it became an authorized representative of the Oshkosh Pierce vehicles.
This way, and with the vision of continuing to be essential in the domestic market, through expressive participation in the foreign market, through the excellence of the assistance provided to its customers, Rontan has positioned itself as a leader in its segment of operation in Latin America.


Rontan Group

The Rontan Group comprises three companies:

FBA arose from the need of manufacturing exclusive parts with very differentiated resistance, accuracy and finishing, resulting in the development of extensive quality production know-how.
The foundry segment has its basis formed by a state-of-the-art machines park, positioning it on an outstanding level in cast products in Brazil.
Foundry currently operates with a production capacity of 500 tons of cast aluminum parts per month, manufactured with an international-level quality control, both in terms of material and of process and end products. Its international quality certificates conquered and the profiles of its customers evidence this.
Global Service, on its turn, established in 1999, has as its main activities the commerce and technical assistance of radiocommunication and visual acoustic signaling products.